Getting Here


Getting to Banámichi is easy. Just three hours south of Bisbee Arizona, five hours from Tucson and two hours from Hermosillo.

Check the maps to the right and driving directions below to start planning your visit.


From Tucson, AZ:
  • Take highway 19 southand cross into to Nogales, Mexico.
  • Continue south on Mexico Highway 15 to Magdelena.
  • Just past the tollbooth (approximately 500 feet), exit to the right.
  • Turn left at the bottom of the ramp, crossing under the highway on Highway 54 to Sinoquipe, 74 miles.
  • Turn right at the stop sign in Sinoquipe onto Highway 89 and continue on to Banámichi

    From Bisbee or Douglas, AZ:

  • Cross the border at Naco.
  • Drive through town to the intersection of Highway 2.
  • Before entering Cananea, exit right and drive up the ramp.
  • Follow the signs to Bacoachi, turning at the first left over the bridge
  • Continue on Hiway 89 to Banámichi.

    Visas and Vehicle Permits
    You will need a tourist visa (FMT) and a vehicle permit to drive to Banámichi. For travelers crossing at Nogales, these documents are available at Kilometer 21 Checkpoint

    For travelers crossing at Douglas, documents are available at the the border crossing in Agua Prieta. Make the first right turn at the intersection after the inspection gates then a quick right into the dirt lot. Walk to the front of the building and enter. Go to the counter at the north end first to get your visa. Then go to the copy booth in the center to get copies of all you dicuments, the clerk will tell you what you need, Then go to the permit counter at the south end of the building for your vehicle permit.

    For those crossing at Naco, you will have to obtain a FMT at the immigration office at the border crossing in Naco then proceed to Cananea to the Banjercito to get a vehicle permit. The permit office in Cananea is a bit off the beaten path. As you enter Canenea from Naco or Aqua Prieta take the left hand lane in the traffic circle at the obelist (the Axe Handle.) Be careful at the stop signs as you leave the traffic circle as the cross traffic does not stop. Two blocks south, turn left at the light (there is a Pemex station/OXXO there.) The Banjercito office is on the right, opposite the Pemex and next the school. It is not well marked.

    Paper work Requirements
    Mexican Tourist Card or visa. A tourist card or visa is good for 6 months. You will need to present:

      A valid passport
      A valid picture ID with address shown.

    The fee is about $22 per visitor, paid at the Banjercito (Bank of the Army) located near the Migracion (Mexican Immigration) office. Actual cost will vary slightly depending on the currency exchange rate.

    Once you have your tourist card from the Migracion (Mexican Immigration), you can obtain the necessary permit for your vehicle. For those whose travel plans include traveling the Route of the Rio Sonora, have the following and bring copies of each to provide the issuing authorities:

  • Vehicle registration and a copy
    Your Drivers License and a copy.
    A major Credit Card
    Your tourist card/visa and a copy.

    By obtaining a vehicle permit, you are posting a bond that you will not sell the vehicle in Mexico and avoid the import duty. The non-refundable cost of the bond is about $27 US. If you want to use cash, you will need to pay the non-refundable portion and leave a minimum of $200 US (based on the value of the car) as a bond.The permits are good for the duration of the visa and allow for multiple entrances. You must turn in the permit at a Banjercito permit office before the expiratation date or you may forfiet the bond and you will have problems getting a new permit.

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